Manage time-off accruals in Staff Files personnel software

Whether your employees accrue vacation time, sick time, holiday time, PTO (paid time-off), or any other type of time away from work, Staff Files® HR software can automatically calculate time off accruals for you.

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Employee Leave Benefit

Vacation time and sick leave are common benefits for many employers. Typically, they offer their employees a set number of paid vacation and sick days a year for the first couple of years, then increase the amount of time off they accrue based on the length of their employment.

Sick Time and Vacation Policy

Employee seniority often plays a role in time-off accruals as most companies reward their long-term employees with additional days off. It’s also common to have trial periods for new employees and to enforce a “use-it-or-lose-it” rule, so employees can’t store months of time off to use all at one time. Your company may start their accrual year at the beginning of the calendar year while other companies may set the employees’ anniversary date as the start of the new accrual year. You may even have a couple of different time-off policies: one for exempt employees and one for non-exempt employees, for example. While it may sound confusing, it is quite simple now that the old days of keeping several spreadsheets for each employee’s paid time off records have been replaced with innovative technology - personnel software

Time Off Work Deductions

The convenience of personnel software saves time. The software automatically accrues paid time off. The only responsibility of the employer is to enter a time off work deduction when the employee takes time away from work. The software will then take the deduction and calculate the remaining balance, always keeping an up-to-date account of an employee’s paid vacation time or sick leave amount. It’s a simple addition to the workplace and one that saves a tremendous amount of time.

Manage Time-off Accruals in Staff Files
Manual Accrual Entry for Time-Off Work Deductions
Staff Absence Calendar

Easy and Affordable HR Software

With Staff Files Windows-based personnel software calculating accruals for vacation time and sick leave is fast and as easy as one, two, three.

  1. The first step is to create custom time-off policies.
  2. Then enroll employees in an accrual policy that is most appropriate for them.
  3. When an employee takes a day off work, it’s easy to add a manual time-off deduction to keep the balance up-to-date.

Staff Files also has Accrual and Absence reports and quick access to your employees’ time-off information. 

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Hear how this software company uses Staff Files to manage their employees’ sick leave and vacation accruals.

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