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10 steps to implementing a vacation time accrual usage policy

January 16, 2014 at 2:25 PM

Every successful company requires a certain amount of staff to carry out daily business. In order to ensure your business runs smoothly, take these ten steps to establish a sound policy regarding the usage and scheduling of employee vacation time accruals.

  1. Provide employees with a policy which clearly states when and how vacation time can be accrued and taken. In this policy, also establish and disclose a procedure for settling disputes over simultaneous time-off requests.
  2. Deliver and discuss these policies with new employees at the time of hiring, providing a written copy. Discuss any conflicts with restricted or prohibited dates and/or holidays. Ask your new employee whether he or she has any prior commitments which might conflict with these dates.
  3. Within reason, management must have the right to rearrange employee vacation schedules as needed in order to meet staffing demands or changing market conditions.
  4. Avoid running on a skeleton crew. While taking on only the minimum amount of staff necessary to operate in order to reduce expenses can be tempting, doing so would allow the annual flu season to cripple your company's production.
  5. Establish a deadline for employee time-off requests. Depending on the nature of your business, this could be a week, one month, or a year in advance. Ensure your company's deadline leaves you ample time to assess the impact an absence will have on operations.
  6. Prepare for employee absences. Require the employee taking vacation to leave a checklist of things which need to be done. This checklist should include instructions for work in progress, deadlines, contact information, and access to necessary documents.
  7. Divide duties among remaining employees, rather than burdening a single person with the responsibilities of another person. Ensure all employees have the proper training to carry out the additional task.
  8. Allow employees working in the same job position, the freedom to trade days off. This will relieve you of some management burden, while providing your staff with additional job flexibility.
  9. Offer incentives to employees working through peak vacation seasons. By offering bonuses, premium pay, or another form of incentive, you can encourage staff to schedule time off during less popular seasons.
  10. Consider using an HR software system to assist you in managing personnel records and vacation time-off accruals. This will allow you to make clear decisions about vacation scheduling by viewing employee schedules, approving, and tracking time off all in the same place.

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