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3 benefits of tracking time off in personnel records in HR software

March 25, 2014 at 12:26 PM

You have a thousand demands on your time as a small business owner, especially on the administrative end of things. Sitting down and learning new software for your human resource needs might sound like time you can't afford to spend. But, when you're manually going through scattered spreadsheets on your computer or written down records in stacks of paper files, keeping track of your employees' paid time off is nearly impossible.


HR software helps you streamline paperwork associated with employee paid time off. You don't want to search through ten different spreadsheets or dig through a massive pile of worksheets to figure out whether an employee actually can take the day off that they're requesting or how many more vacation days they have left this year. Instead, HR software calculates the accruals, so all you have to do is enter the time off work an employee actually has taken. And it allows you to easily pull up any data you may need.

Automatic Tracking

It's tough to track everyone's paid time off if you can't remember which spreadsheet you put the information on. It's even more difficult if you use different types of paid days off, such as paid sick days, vacation days, holidays, and general paid time off (PTO). Paid time off software allows you to automatically track the amount of PTO an employee has taken and how much they have left in their personnel records. When someone takes a day off work, it's as simple as logging this information into the software. The amount is removed from their accrued time off so you have an up-to-date balance of how many days they have left.

If you roll over vacation days, this type of software also helps you to keep track of the lifetime accrued vacation of an employee, as well as how many days they have before they cap out on their maximum.

Accessible Records

When an employee wants to know exactly how much paid time off they have, and what type of PTO is still available to them, having accessible records is key. Quickly look up their account balance to tell them by phone or in person, or email them a report. You don't want your employees to feel as though you don't value their accrued benefits.

Escape from confusing records and paperwork by implementing HR software into your paid time off tracking. You’ll end up with less headaches in the long run, and employees who are happy you can quickly tell them how much PTO they have available. 

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