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5 ways time off is cost-effective

April 22, 2014 at 1:54 PM

There's no getting around the fact that today workers put in more hours. Even when they are out of work they are still working, and still "on-the-clock."

It is generally accepted now that your work and career will consume most of your life--and there's good reason for this idea to be so readily accepted by managers. The more work an employee does, the more cost-effective they are, right?

Not exactly. A recent study by workforce.com found that over half of all employees are finding their workloads increasing. Over a quarter say that load is now double what it used to be. This isn't exactly great news for company managers, however.

1)  More Mistakes

More work does mean more productivity but it can also increase the chances for mistakes. Tired employees are more prone to making simple errors, and those simple errors can set companies back. We all know how a simple mistake can set off a chain of fiery emails, and send ripple-effects down the management chain.

2)  High Anxiety

Tired workers are also less likely to enjoy their work. After all, we are human and humans need rest. They need time to recuperate and get their energy back.

More hours doesn't necessarily translate into more productivity either. In one firm the study mentioned, employees really felt the stress. Some even had to see counselors or take medication to overcome their anxiety and fight the pressures of such a heavy work load. Others took sick days or paid time off to recuperate.

3)  Increased Turnover

Even more damaging to the company bottom-line was increased turnover. Employees started looking for jobs elsewhere--and they found them. As more employees left the turnover rate skyrocketed to 30%.

That means more resources committed to filling those empty desks and that translates into lost time and money.

However, companies still pile on the responsibilities and still give some workers enough work for two people.

4)  Lack of Employee Engagement

The issues these companies see, aside from a high turnover rate, are a lack of employee engagement in their roles. Productivity for longer term projects is also suffering. In addition these companies risk gaining a reputation as having a "pressure-cooker" work environment.

5)  Bad Reputation

That reputation will only scare off talented workers. Other lingering effects are seen in time-off accruals and employee leave times. When workers are stressed they look for ways to get away from that stress, and taking time-off is really the only way.

The only answer is to design a suitable time off plan. This can be easily achieved by installing simple time off software to manage vacations, or by designing your own plans. Either way managers should consider time off as a productivity enhancing idea.

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