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Keeping track of time off in HR software

February 24, 2014 at 3:26 PM

Time-off accruals are most easily kept using an HR software program that enables the business to keep an accurate, running balance.

It is the function of management to collect and maintain correct information about the employees they supervise. A fundamental part of these records has to do with attendance and compensation. Managing attendance records pertains in large part to coordinating the time-off schedules of all employees to ensure that there is appropriate personnel coverage when the company is open for business. Companies of all sizes struggle with maintaining these records in a functional way so that management has easy access to these schedules. Formerly, these records were preserved on paper and calculated manually; now HR software enables these records to be kept more easily on a computer in the office. These programs have a built-in vacation time calculator, so that time-off accruals are figured out automatically. Managers only need to enter days the employees are away from work and the time-off software figures out the remaining balance.

Keeping these totals accurately and in an easily retrievable form provides a sort of security to employees and management.

Knowing where an employee stands with respect to available time off creates a sense of security for both management and the workforce. Having access to accurate records allows management to make staffing decisions to ensure that there is adequate staff coverage during operating hours. Being able to access the attendance from PC-based personnel software allows management to accurately plan the staff presence for each day of operation.

Employees taking time off expect their actual time off, accrued time off, sick time off, and vacation time off to be calculated and maintained accurately by management.

Management has a clearer chance of maintaining accurate records when using personnel software that includes a vacation time calculator.

Whether the records being kept refer to vacation time off, sick time off, or paid time off, personnel software that permits time-off recordkeeping is more accurate and easier to operate than the older ways of paper and spreadsheets.

The advantage to using time-off software to manage accrued time and other scheduling functions is that it enables management to easily keep up with all types of paid time off. That means that all paid time off records can be securely maintained within one system without having to refer between a calendar system and a spreadsheet for calculations. A good paid time off program that includes a vacation time calculator makes it easier for the manager to calculate vacation and other employee events which would involve time off.

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