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Vacation and sick time policy at work

February 07, 2014 at 12:26 PM

All employees need time off from work. Whether it is time spent sun tanning on a tropical beach or laying in a hospital bed, having standardized vacation and sick day policies at your company keeps time away from the office from becoming a headache for managers, the HR department, and employees.

Vacation and Sick Time Policies Help Recruitment

Most companies already have paid time off policies in place, but it is important to review these set policies on a regular basis. Your industry changes and so should you in order to remain competitive. Make sure your policies are updated, as needed. Up-to-date employee benefits are a great recruiting tool for attracting quality new hires and helping to reduce employee turnover, saving your company recruiting and training costs.

Check State Laws Regarding Vacation and Sick Time Policies

When you review your sick day and vacation policy, make sure that they follow the current laws in your state. For example, in your state are you required to pay employees for unused vacation time when they quit working for your company or is that time forfeited?  If your company hasn't changed its policy in many years, the policies may be outdated. Find out the new laws in your area and make sure that your policy adheres to them.

Determine Frequency Paid Time Off is Given to Employees

Consider changing the way that vacation days are used in your company. Many companies with older vacations policies give employers a block of 'X' number of days of paid vacation at the beginning of the year. These policies can change to reflect the newer, and widely preferred, system of giving employees paid time off throughout the year. More flexible paid vacation time means employees will be able to take vacations when they want.

Procedures for Requesting Time Off

Think about your current procedure for requesting time off. Is it effective and easy for both the employees and your HR department? If not, it is a good idea to make changes that can streamline the process. Correctly accounting for vacation and sick leave is a real nightmare if proper systems are not in place.

Write down the new policies and inform the employees of the changes. Make sure that the policy changes are in the employee manual and ask your employees to read and sign a letter acknowledging the change in policy.

Keeping track of vacation and paid sick leave for each of your employees can be time consuming. As you review your policies in these areas, determine the effectiveness of your current accounting system for tracking paid leave. If your HR department or managers are spending more time than needed managing time-off accruals, think about ways to make it easier. Create new forms or purchase personnel software to help simplify the process.

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