Calculate vacation with time-off policies in Staff Files

With Staff Files personnel software you can set up unique time-off policies that will calculate paid time off (PTO) accruals the way your organization dictates. You can set up multiple policies and enroll employees into the vacation and sick day policies that are appropriate for them. Whenever an employees takes a day off from work all you have to do is enter the deduction to the Accruals ledger and it will calculate the remaining balance for you.

How to Set Up Time-Off Policies

You can define an Auto Accrual Policy according to your company’s employee leave guidelines and it will automatically add accruals to an employee’s time-off account. With an easy, step-by-step wizard, you can quickly create a new auto accrual policy in minutes. How do you use our personnel software to manage time-off accruals?

Define Time-Off Accrual Account

1. Define Time-Off Accrual Account

First, you’ll select or define the type of account, such as vacation or sick time. It’s simple to set up accounts for vacation, sick, holiday, paid time off (PTO) or any other type of employee leave your company offers their personnel.

Vacation Accruals Frequency

2. Indicate Vacation Accruals Frequency

Second, choose the frequency that indicates how often your employees account will receive the new accrual entries, such as weekly or monthly. 

Start of Accrual Year

3. Choose the Start of the Accrual Year

Then select the start of the accrual year, such as the employees’ anniversary date, or the start of the calendar or fiscal year. 

Annual Leave Accrual Rate

4. Input Annual Leave Accrual Rate

Enter the accrual rates for an employee’s first year of employment with your company. 

Trial Period for Time-off Policy

5. Set Up a Trial Period

You can set up a trial period if your policy prohibits a new employee from receiving employee leave during the first couple months of employment.

Define Carryover for Time-Off Accruals

6. Apply "Use-it-or-lose-it" or Carryover Rule

If your company has a “use-it-or-lose-it” rule you can use the reset option, so the employee will not be allowed to carryover any unused accruals from year to year.

Employee Annual Leave Seniority Table

7. Define Seniority Table

The Seniority Table allows you to specify accrued time off depending on their length of employment. This is the place to enter accrual rates for employees who have been with your company for more than one year.

To see the Auto Accrual Policy wizard in action, watch this video to learn how it can calculate time off work automatically.

Enroll Employee PTO Policies Individually or As A Group

Set up the automatic accruals once and let the HR software do the work for you. With Staff Files, there are two easy ways to enroll an employee in an auto accrual policy: manually or with the Group Enrollment Tool. 

Manual Enrollment of Time-Off Accrual Policies

Enroll an Employee in a Time-Off Policy Manually

Manually enrolling employees in a policy is typically the method used for a new employee. When you’re setting up their personnel record, just add the policies that are appropriate for that person.

Group Enrollment Tool Adds Employees to Time-Off Policy in a Batch

Enroll a Group of Employees in a Time-Off Policy with the Group Enrollment Tool

Group Enrollment Tool is helpful when you’re enrolling a large group of employees at a time. For example, use the Group Enrollment Tool when you are starting to use Staff Files for the first time or when you implement a new employee PTO policy company-wide. The Group Enrollment Tools lets you add the same policy to a group of employee records all at one time.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to enroll employees in Auto Accrual policies.

Enter Manual Deductions for Time Off Work

After you’ve enrolled each employee in the appropriate employee leave policy, all you have to do is enter manual deductions when an employee takes a day off from work. It’s easy to add a deduction transaction when an employee takes a day off work. The accrual balances are automatically updated when the deductions are entered into Staff Files.

Manual Accrual Entry Window to Enter Time Off Work Deductions

Enter an Employee's Time Away From Work

Add the start date, type of transaction, days or hours of time off taken, length of absence, and miscellaneous notes to enter a manual deduction in Staff Files.

You can enter other types of manual transactions, too, such as time earned, new balance, or no action when you just want to add a note to the Accrual tab of an employee record. 

Watch this video see you how you could deduct time away from work using Staff Files.

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